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Alternatives to sleeping on the hard sarface

Sleeping on the hard surface is not conducive to a good night's rest. To address this concern there are sleeping pads. Made primarily for backpackers, they are compact, lightweight, and durable. Sleeping pads are basically just flexible sheets of foam. They are lighter (some weigh less than a kgs), more compact and easier to carry than either air mattresses or cots, making them a good choice for backcountry use.

If purchasing a pad, campers should remember that pads are available in different of thickness. We offer little cushioning, that's are more comfortable, it sensing them both comfortable, cool and warm. And more cushioning foam on top and bottom covering with fabric, making them both comfortable and warm.

Pads should last the camper a long time. They are more durable than air mattresses, which puncture easily. In general, pads are the cheapest of the sleeping accessories, but there is a wide range of prices for all three types. If campers want to spend as little money as possible, they can just use a sheet of quilted with thermowadding and foam.

Sleeping pads are just a solution to providing some layer of comfort between you and the hard surface.

  • Foam pads are a cheap and lightweight.
  • Their biggest disadvantage is that easy to carry.
  • Travilling provide you with comfort by making you feel like sleeping in your comfortable bed at home.
  • Washability at 40° C
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